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Let your hearts be blessed.  Let your praises increase.  Let your servant hood for the Kingdom of God be your highest goal.  I’m Blessed to be a Blessing and so are you.   I have set under the the ministry of the late Dr. Myles Munroe and with that said, I want to die empty.  All that God put in me , Let it go. In His Kingdom Service,  MYPALVAL.


"Therefore, my dear brother, stand firm. Let nothing move you, because you know that your labor in the Lord is not in vain."


I stand in this calling and go wherever He leads me. – Valerie


Valerie Rankins, gifted poet, song writer and vocal artist believes, with all her heart, that God has called her to the work of the ministry. She has been anointed in areas of contemporary gospel music. Whether through her poetry, self-penned songs or the personal testimony of her CD ‘s releases, Valerie’s calling and sincerity are evident. The collection of songs on recently released “I GOT TO GET TO JESUS,” reflects a range of tunes from celebration and praise to intimate worship. Her latest single, "EVERYONE, EVERYWHERE," is a refreshing outreach CD and is accompanied by "I BELIEVE," an inspirational DVD. These projects were produced in the spirit of excellence and recorded in the highest quality available today. I BELIEVE was produced by Joey Anderson. The DVD collection was produced by Alonzo (Ozzie) Bloxson. , (850-621-4794) Her latest project is call , “ The Best of Valerie Rankins.”


Valerie was also inspired to construct a "One Cent" bookmark. This bookmark offers a double meaning inspiring one to become the "ONE SENT" to share the good news of Jesus Christ.


Though her music is fresh and new, she is certainly not new to the ministry. Valerie has served as Music Chairperson of the International Christian Women’s Club, Praise and Worship Leader, and Leadership roles in the children’s ministry. She regularly delivers encouragement and worship opportunities with local correctional facilities. Valerie is active in the radio broadcast industry, television, seminars, retreats and conferences both in the United States and abroad.

Valerie has been featured on TBN and participated in soul-winning crusades with Dr. Myles Munroe ( Israel ) and CTN ( Nigeria ). Other countries include Brazil , Venezuela and The Bahamas. Valerie sincerely believes that God has called each of us to do a work. He has given her a loving husband, her high school sweetheart, Charles Rankins, four son and eight grandchildren. Charles help supports the ministry spiritually, emotionally and financially providing the "covering" for what God has called her to do. The ministry is also blessed with the loving prayers and support of extended family, friends and fellow worshipers.


Valerie hopes that you will become partners with her in spreading the good news of Jesus Christ. You may do so with the contacts listed below. God Bless You All. To reach Valerie for bookings and special engagements email her at, or by phone at 863 660-3990.


A little over two decades ago, I went on a journey to pursue a vision as I felt the Lord was directing. At a camp meeting in Minneapolis, MN. Dr. Myles Munroe was speaking and gave an invitation to attend a praise and worship conference in the Bahamas. He mentioned that Dr. Ron Kenoly would be teaching songwriting. I had never heard of Ron Kenoly but I knew there was much I could learn at a small church in Minneapolis. I had big dreams but never felt I would step out in faith to do this on my own. My songs just sat on the shelf. I knew in my heart I had to go to this conference! I tried to get someone to go with me but no one would. One day I saw Dr.Ron singing on the 700 Club. I knew I wanted to give him my songs. The first night of the conference Dr. Myles Munroe escorted me into the room where Dr. Kenoly and all of the guests were having dinner. Can you imagine, they invited me to eat at their table? Oh, this nobody became somebody. I was truly honored. Sister Bethel (wife of Minister Mark) told me to get up and go talk to Dr. Ron. I was very reluctant. She said "It’s ok. This is what we do." My walk to go talk to Mr. Kenoly was the longest walk I ever took. Everything became slow motion. He welcomed me with open arms. Praise God! God will make a way!


Dr. Ron has been a mentor to me and I have always enjoyed his ministry.


God Bless you Dr. Ron!

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